Plan Filing Systems

NAEP is the exclusive distributor of ALPIA plan filing systems, suspension strips & index tabs, the solution for organization and protection of valuable originals.

Alpia - Vertical Plan Filing Cabinets

S120/P Vertical filing cabinetsS120/P Vertical filing cabinets for 2/24in. x 36in. or 36in. x 48in. drawings. The S-120/P or the S-84/A holds up to 1000 36″ x 48″ or 24″ x 36″ size drawings. (Or up to 2000 24″ x 36″ size drawings side by side in the S120/P)

S84A Vertical filing cabinetsS84A Vertical filing cabinets for 36in. x 48in. drawings Two stage opening: First lock in position for safe sorting and then open fully to allow for easy removal and insertion of drawings. Pin arms are adjustable to the suspension strip configuration.

Complete Protection

  • Rubber strips along the sides of the cabinet protect drawings from damage due to water and automatic sprinkler systems.
  • Inside of the unit is smooth: nothing can snag your documents.
  • Drawings can be slid out without catching on the sides of the unit or door. Prongs are 62mm apart when the door is fully extended. Door of reduced depth.
  • In prong systems with a spacing of 170mm between alternate prongs (e.g. Alpia Graphithèque). Prongs are alternately staggered so they can’t poke through drawings.
  • Compact design, with all parts flush and no sharp edges.
  • Mechanisms are housed in the body so there are no protruding parts to get in the way of your feet. Cabinet can be locked for confidential documents.

Large Storage Capacity in a Compact Unit

  • Up to 1000 AO drawings can be stored in the ALPIA S84/A
  • Lid fits flush with the body – even when open – with no protruding parts, so Alpia plan file can be placed side by side or back to back. They can also be installed on mobile platforms upon request.

Quality and Dependability

  • Freestanding body made of 1mm thick textured sheet steel with scratch-resistant lacquer finish. Sheet steel is bent on the press-brake and the edges are turned. Welded joints are sanded for a smooth surface.
  • Protective rubber strip along the bottom front of the door.
  • Telescopic door guides with high-quality rollers and travellers ensure that the door slides open smoothly and silently.
  • “Omega” stiffeners run the full height of the back and door. Prongs are welded into the double reinforcement system.
  • Wide-diameter prongs (16mm) are used in the standard prong systems (i.e. with a spacing of 170mm between alternate prongs).
  • Cabinet comes in light grey RAL 7035. Other colours on request.


  • ALPIA is made to be used with all types of prong systems and a variety of drawing sizes and consequently fits in with your existing large-format filing system.

Quick and Easy to Use

Plan Filing Systems - NAEP

  • Counterbalanced lid corners with colour-coded chart to help you find the document you’re looking for quickly and easily.
  • The door opens part-way simply by pulling up the knob, so you can select the drawing you want.
  • To take out the selected drawing, just push the automatic door in slightly and it can be opened all the way, without effort. You can then slide out the drawing through the side of the unit without having to lift it out.
  • A gentle push shuts the door automatically.
  • Low-standing design: you don’t have to reach up to pull drawings out.
  • Handy knobs on the front of the door hold drawings to leave your hands free.

Stability Assured

  • No matter how many drawings are hanging on the door’s prongs, the cabinet won’t tip when opened thanks to the two built-in support wheels underneath the door.
  • There’s no chance of the unit tipping over, even without weighting or attaching it to the wall.

Suspension Strips - NAEP

Suspension Strips - NAEPAZ2 – ALPIA

NAEP guarantees the prime quality of its carrier strips. Carrier strips, 55 mm wide, are available in 50 meter rolls.