Xerographic Media

NAEP distributes a complete range of Regma media for use with all large format electrostatic, digital & laser copiers as well as for the small format market for technical design in the field of CAD-CAM.

Regma - RollsThese consumables are intended for digital and analog copying used in all different types of CAD activities:

  • Mechanical
  • Electronic
  • Architectural
  • Engineering
  • Construction and Geographic Information systems

Regma Copy - Drafting Media

  • PPC 75TS – 3mil double matt Pet film
  • PPC 100TS – 4mil double matt Pet film
  • MTO 75TS – 3mil opaque white Pet Film (Laser)
  • MTO 100TS – 4mil opaque white Pet film (Laser)
  • PPC R1 – 3mil clear Pet film
  • XGV 250 – 20lb Xerographic vellum
  • TRANS BOND 68g – 18lb Translucent bond
  • 75g BOND – 20lb Xerographic bond
  • 90g BOND – 24lb Xerographic bond

Retrophane/Regmadesif - Xerographic Small Format Media


  • PPC R1 – No Removable Strip
  • PPC R4 – Long Side – No Removable Strip
  • PPC R4C – Short Side – No Removable Strip


  • PE36 – MATT/w Film Backing
  • T36 – CLEAR/w Film Backing

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